[imagebox title=”Flight Ticket” image=”2480″]We offer affordable air fare to domestic and international travelers[/imagebox]
[imagebox title=”Cruise” image=”2479″]Exploring some exceptional tour sites, such as game reserves, historic places, adventures, romantic cities, sport, and discoveries[/imagebox]
[imagebox title=”Hotel Reservation” image=”2471″]Streamline and simplify your travel arrangement. It is easy to book your hotel or accommodation in a few clicks.[/imagebox]
[imagebox title=”Student Visas” image=”2486″]Studying abroad is a dream of many Nigerian students.
We assist applicants to secure student visas to study in Uk, Europe, Canada, the USA, etc for a Diploma course, Bsc, Msc, and other certificate programs.[/imagebox]
[imagebox title=”Airport Transfers” image=”3409″]Our team are always ready to assist you with an airport transfer by booking your road transportation well ahead of the arrival of your flight with a competent shuttle company and drivers who are familiar with the road network in your destination and pick you at your hotel facility[/imagebox]
[imagebox title=”Consular Appointments” image=”2473″]Been conversant with different embassies operations in the industry we have to prove ourselves over time by providing vita information to our clients who intend to apply for a visa and by booking pre-appointment visa interview or submission at their various visa application centre[/imagebox]
[imagebox title=”Travel Insurance” image=”2491″]As a traveler traveling outside your health insurance network to certain areas in Europe such as the Schengen region and other parts of the world, it is advisable to get travel health insurance that can cover up any health emergency that might arise during your stay in your chosen destination[/imagebox]
[imagebox title=”Aircraft charter” image=”2472″]Private charter flight gives you the opportunity to travel at times that suit you, to and from the most convenient airports. We have real-time access to the latest information on aircraft availability and can offer a full range of private jet aircraft and operator options, carefully matched to your requirements.[/imagebox]
[imagebox title=”Leisure Travel” image=”2485″]The Leisure segment is where most of our clients come in for and we have also trained professionals who understand this very part and are available 24/7 to provide clients with vacation, entertainment, recreation, sports, and so on[/imagebox]
[imagebox title=”Conference Travel” image=”2478″]We understand very well that conference meetings expose professionals in different fields to meet with key players from different organizations. Our focus is on understanding the exact needs and the intended outcome of the event.[/imagebox]
[imagebox title=”Corporate Travel” image=”2475″]Our corporate travel experts are trained extensively to be professionals, creative, and capable of working round the clock at all times.[/imagebox]
[imagebox title=”Car Hire” image=”3407″][/imagebox]