The United Kingdoms or more commonly known as the UK is made up of four countries, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Scotland, Wales, and England make up the Great Brittan. The United Kingdom is located on the north-western coast of Europe.

The best time to visit the UK is the Summers. The weather is fab; the cities are bustling, the streets are swarming with people. The general atmosphere is bright and lovely. The weather can be awesome, no need to get worried especially if you are sightseeing all day.

There are many attractions in the UK that date back to ancient, medieval and modern times and can be visited even today. And the country does not disappoint. You can visit the mysterious Stonehenge. It is probably one of the oldest and intact monuments of the pre-historic ear. Or the Buckingham Palace, the royal residence of Queen Elizabeth built in 1703. It holds within it hundreds of years of history, conspiracy, secrets and untold stories. You can visit the Key gardens one of the most renowned and largest botanical gardens in the world. Or have a romantic dinner on the Thames with your loved one. You are bound to leave with a strong desire to return to the UK and in many wonders, make this a desirable and popular tourist destination.